Happy Birthday UrbanGuyTO

Lunch Box BirthdayA few days ago on my birthday my good friend turnipHed gifted me probably one of the best birthday gifts I got.

In the most unique presentation I can remember, he presented me with a Justice League Lunch Box and filled it with underwear and fetish underwear for me!

Here are the contents:

  • Authentic Dog Tags with message ((You’ll have to get close sometime if you wanna know what they say))
  • Coffee Crisp Chocolate Bar ((It’s an inside joke.  I love chocolate bars but do not consider the Coffee Crisp to be a bar, but a cookie.))
  • Canada Flag Patch (for my “new” flightsuit)
  • Intymen Euro Boxer (Red)
  • Intymen Mesh Briefs (Black and Red)
  • Good Devil Extra Mini Thong (Black)
  • Jockey No Fly Briefs (White)

And various flyers for yet more gear I should consider adding to my ever growing collection.

Thank you turnipHed!

Birthday Gear 2012
Birthday Gear 2012; Thank you turnipHed!


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  1. John   17 Nov 2012 (Saturday) at 17:51


  2. turnipHed   17 Nov 2012 (Saturday) at 18:05

    One thing I did forget to mention; if these extra/new undies cause your undie drawer to be too full, I am more than happy to help relieve the “pressure” by taking some of your older pieces off your hands.

    I always try and be helpful! 🙂


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