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I want to take this opportunity to address some of the changes that you have noticed here at turnip Style Dot Com.My Best Friend - turniphed & UrbanGuyTO

Firstly, you may have noticed a layout change and the secondly some name changes on categories with the addition of a couple categories as well, yet most importantly the addition of a new author; my bestest friend UrbanGuyTO. ((some of you may know him by another name))

So let us touch on the layout change quickly. I am planning a complete new look for turnip Style Dot Com. A fresh new look that will lend itself to makes it super easy for you to read and find what you are looking for.

Further more, being that this is about STYLE and the fact that I take pride in looking good, I can not let my blog look shabby and dated.

Secondly the changes in categories; this was not an easy task to tackle. As much as a tech geek as I like to think I am, it took good old fashioned pencil and paper to work out what was the best option.

Yet I need to relax a bit and keep in mind that life changes, we evolve and a blog is allowed to evolve as well.

I have done my best to keep links as there were, so if you end up here after a Search Engine I want you to be able to find what you are looking for.

At the same time when you renovate your kitchen you may find a better spot for the olive oil and the toaster and the coffee maker. Am I right?

Best Buds at the BeachNow I have saved the best for last. My best friend has agreed to lend his voice to turnip Style Dot Com and that has me very excited.

It has been very hard for me to blog over the past months because I have been stressed, lacking in inspiration and basically just out right fucking bummed out with my health and all the hospital visits.

I have wanted to ask UrbanGuyTO to join me for a while but I was not sure what he would say, what it would mean and all that but I finally grew a pair and holy shit I am glad I did.

So I am hoping you will welcome him here with enthusiasm and participate in his conversations.

In fact I encourage you to welcome him and encourage him as much as you all encourage me.

Looking forward to your comments on our future posts and participation in our polls.

Now we can get back to having fun!

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turnipHed has been into gear for as long as he can remember, even before he realised he was into gear. Now turnipHed is the Chief Editor at turnipStyle as he tries to create, promote and curate a body and sex positive lifestyle magazine for Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered men. turnipHed is also one of the hosts of the podcast The Voice of turnipStyle as well as the producer. The Voice of turnipStyle is of course an extension of the magazine but also the only podcast that brings you the latest in Underwear, Swimwear and Fetish Gear. Recently, turnipHed started a venture he has been wanting to work on for a long time and is currently trying to be the creative mind behind [ TURNIP TEEZ ] which offers funky and fun t-shirts and other graphic materials. Check out TURNIP TEEZ.com today! To get a personal glimpse at turnipHed and what quirky things make him tick and sometimes tock, visit The Pool Is Closed.com

  • GayCountryWes#1

    22 Oct 2012 (Monday)

    So much love goes to both of you from The Gay Life of a Country Boy. Seeing you both in Vegas was such a wonderful thing and I can’t wait till the next possible opportunity. And I want to lick those asses in the picture! Or have I….?


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